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Emergency Dispatch System

The operation of today’s public safety communications centers is dependent upon information and the ability to manage it. That requirement, in turn, depends heavily upon computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software. The design, development, purchase and installation of CAD systems can be a complicated endeavor for a medium or large-size public safety agency.

It involves not only the installation of computers and the CAD software, but usually connection to a wide variety of other systems: alarm inputs, mobile data systems, time synchronization sources, records management systems, CAD systems of other agencies. In the US the equivalent system are named 911, CAD, ICS and ranging from various standards from E911 (enhance 911) and NG911 (Next Generation) as compliant to NIMS standards and guidelines publish by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) under the Department of Homeland Security. In the Philippines, the equivalent system is the emergency 117 number similar to 911 emergency numbers. Practically these numbers are available to all mobile and landline phone.

The secondary objective was to help the City by providing a cheaper alternative and to simplify emergency response operations. By providing a Geo mapping data and resource inventory to the dispatch officer, the BIG FALCON - EDS system facilitate estimation of dispatch response time and route or direction from the Origin of the Resource to Incident Site. The Dispatch also determines the Capability required to a Specific incident. The system will presents a dashboard display that consolidates recent incident, nearest available resource, recent unit dispatch, and unit timestamps. The Dashboard simplifies the task of the ICS Commander in monitoring unit and incident status, thereby making everything else measureable. Escalation guidelines can also be set in place for each incident depending on the urgency or priority, and the level will set the magnitude of resource unit required for a certain incident. Emergency calls can also be recorded, thereby making review and audit possible.

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